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Explore your creativity with the classic art of needlepoint! Needlepoint is an expressive and versatile art form with a long history and a vibrant current scene. Not only can you create wonderful pieces of art with needlepoint, but the act of stitching tames stress and nourishes the spirit.

Dale Lenci’s classes teach you innovative techniques for adding extra dimension and artistry to your needlepoint projects.

About Dale Lenci

Dale Lenci has earned a prominent place in the needlepoint community. A needlepoint enthusiast since childhood, he soon began designing canvases and launched DJ Designs in 2004. His Christmas stockings, tributes to iconic cities such as New York and San Francisco, have become perennial stitcher favorites.

Following the success of DJ Designs, Dale opened Luv2Stitch, which became a premier needlepoint emporium and a focal point for the needlepoint community in the SF Bay Area and beyond. He is also a past president of the National Needle Arts Association.

Since retiring, Dale is focusing on stitching and teaching. To his needlepoint classes he brings knowledge of many styles and techniques from his years in needlepoint arts — plus an innate sense of design and a genuine passion for the art form.

In his own words

“DJ is for Dale John, a nickname given while I was a kid, running around a house of 5 crazy kids. Growing up in the SF Bay Area in the 60s, I was encouraged to try all kinds of art projects. The one that stuck with me was needlepoint. With a pen I would draw lines on needlepoint canvas, then color it in with yarn. So much more entertaining than a coloring book!

“Soon I started seeing needlepoint design ideas everywhere — stained glass windows, geometric patterns, architecture, vintage fabrics, and even the energy of Christmas in New York!”