Explore the art of needlepoint with Dale Lenci

Announcing a series of online needlepoint workshops with Dale of DJ Designs. Learn techniques for adding dimension, artistry, and sparkle to your project. For every level of stitching experience!

Develop your artistry

This new series is not to be missed! Explore a variety of stitches, and what each can accomplish. Learn what to consider when selecting threads based on the type of finishing, and more!

How it works

Join from anywhere! Classes are held over Zoom. These are *live* sessions with Dale, NOT pre-recorded videos. You can ask questions and get feedback in real time, plus chat with your fellow stitchers.

One-on-one coaching

Want some guidance on your current project? Stuck? Want to add some extra oomph and uniqueness? Sign up for a one-on-one coaching session with Dale over Zoom. Dale gives you a roadmap to achieving your artistic goals.

The needlepoint art form

Needlepoint is an expressive and versatile art form with a long history and a vibrant current scene. Not only can you create wonderful pieces of art with needlepoint, but the act of stitching tames stress and nourishes the spirit.

About Dale Lenci

Dale is a prominent needlepoint designer, retailer, and stitcher. His lifelong passion for the art form, honed through years of experience, make him an informative and inspiring teacher. He brings knowledge of many styles and techniques, an innate sense of artistry, and a genuine enthusiasm for helping others grow in their art.

In his own words

“DJ is for Dale John, a nickname given while I was a kid, running around a house of 5 crazy kids. Growing up in the SF Bay Area in the 60s, I was encouraged to try all kinds of art projects. The one that stuck with me was needlepoint. With a pen I would draw lines on needlepoint canvas, then color it in with yarn. So much more entertaining than a coloring book!

“Soon I started seeing needlepoint design ideas everywhere — stained glass windows, geometric patterns, architecture, vintage fabrics, and even the energy of Christmas in New York!”